TA4 Orc War Machine 1983

I finally got my hands on this classic model at a reasonable price. This was one of those models I saw advertised in early Citadel catalogues and dreamed of owning, Its only taken 35+ years but now it will grace my 2nd edition WFB Orc army.

This miniature was part of the TA (Tony Ackland) series that included, among others, the classic orc on a Wyvern and several fantastic demons. Here is the stuff of legends entry for it


I was in two minds about basing the crew separately or on one base. From a rules point of view having the crew, and the machine, on their own bases makes more sense in Warhammer. Aesthetically though I prefer my artillery on diorama style bases. In the end that’s what I’ve gone for but I left two holes for holding D6 dice which I can use to record damage to the machine and crew causalities.

The crew are painted the same way as the rest of my Oldhammer orcs but I gave my airbrush a go for the machine itself . I have had the airbrush since Christmas and its pretty low end. I’m not that great with it (lots more practice needed yet) but it certainly speeds up painting a big lump of lead like this.

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