The Headtakers Orc Regiment

Finally after what seems to have been a never ending painting marathon I have painted up all the orc warriors with melee weapons for my my Oldhammer Orc army. As well as Harboth’s Black mountain boys I have three more regiments of Orcs with melee weapons. This is the first Regiment which I’ve named the Headtakers. They like to mount the heads, of defeated, enemies on a pole to act as their Standard. This unit is 20 strong and all the miniatures are Citadel Fantasy Tribe or early C series Orcs. In 2nd edition WFB terms they armed with hand weapons and have chainmail (light armour in 3rd edition) and Shield. They should be solid if unspectacular in battle.

I’ve posted up pictures of most of the orcs in this unit already so I’ll just show a few pictures of a group shot and the last few orcs I painted to finish the unit off.

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