1987 MD1 Goblin King’s Battle Chariot

Another classic I managed to get my hands on this time by mistake. I bought a job lot of old goblin chariots, off eBay, as I had identified them as the old Kev Adams Goblin Chariots set. When they came in the post, and I sorted through the jumble of bits, it turns out I got the Kev Adams Chariots and this little cracker to.

The Goblin Kings Chariot could well be a the most insane unit in 2nd edition WFB. In a time before Herohammer he is very Herohammer topping out 1358 points for this one model. Why I here you ask… or maybe not…Well because the chariot and the boar are actually an imprisoned demon called Ulrista who is not only very tough but a level 4 wizard to boot (yes a magic using boar). On top of that the Goblin King Sourgutt carries a magic weapon, magic armour and a magic standard that flings fireballs. The only guy on the whole model that is vaguely normal is the driver who apparently isn’t even need to steer the sentient chariot.

Here is the Stuff of Legends page on the model


My miniature isn’t quite original for some reason a previous owner cut off the blades running along the yoke…No idea why. Oddly the rules also stated the chariot had scythes on the wheels despite the fact the model never did.

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