Inquisitor Thrax

Another small group for my 1st edition 40K side project Inquisitor Thrax and his retinue. The bulk of these miniatures comes from the Wargames Foundry unreleased 40K miniatures pack while the praying  Adeptus Terra miniatures are old grenadier sculpts.

Inquisitor Thrax travels the diablo sector rooting out corruption and heresy accompanied by his two (very large)  Adeptus Arbites bodyguards and well as several lesser members of the various branches of the  Adeptus Terra as advisors and dogsbodies.

Inquisitor Thrax scourge of the Diablo sector (and one day in the future warp entity host)

Adeptus Arbite Bodyguards Kane and Able for when inquisitor Thrax needs a limb of two broken, to get a confession, or an example made, of a heretic, with a bolter shell to the noggin.

Notary Cleve. Thrax’s main advisor and records keeper (and clearly a fan of the gym, just look at those arms, not bad for a pen pusher)

The faceless mass of the Adeptus Terra there to give advice, fetch Thrax’s slippers and intercept incoming bullets.

The Last Survivor

The 51st assault brigade was the elite of imperial army in the Diablo sector they where experts in planetary landings and hostile environment conflict. As such it was no surprise that they where picked to launch an attack on the Ork held plant of Purgatory 9. The landing was a disaster the Orks where ready and prepared around the landing zones and decimated. The survivors retreated to an area of high ground, and held out against waves of Ork attackers, while frantically calling fleet for evac. Their comm units however couldn’t find fleet only static as the last comms operator desperately cycled through comms channels they stumbled onto an Ork comms network and a intercepted a message between a human and Ork high command ..the Brigade had been betrayed by a human traitor.

Only one man escaped the destruction of the 51st assault brigade known only as Jack he travels the sector as a gun for hire seeking the the traitor responsible for the death of his brothers in arms.

A New Mechanist and Warbot

The final two models (at least for now) for my Mechanist warband are finished both these miniatures are from Alternative Armies one is a large warbot and the other is a replacement for my original mechanist miniature. I was pretty happy with my first version of the Mechanist but when the alternative armies Cyborg slaver, arrived in the post, I just thought it was a a great little mini and fitted the warbands theme better than my original.

The new Mechanist

WWW3BH21 – Designation “Warboy” A large Warbot armed with a power fist and twin multi-lasers Warboy is the Mechanists ultimate big hitter.

and a final group shot of the whole warband

More Robots

Another bunch of rusty junkbots painted for the Mechanist to use against his enemies.

ADDD302 and ADDD303 designation “Deathbots”. These two old service droids have had new skull heads added, by the mechanist, and are equipped with melta-guns. The combination of the terrifying visage and the ability to melt foes into gloop is used by the mechanist when he wants to terrify his opponents.

ADDD304 designation “Firebug”. Sometimes you just need to burn something down when those times come the mechanist deploys the Firebug

ARCH888 designation “Spyder”. Spyder has an in built jump pack between his legs that allows him to be very mobile with his autogun with auxiliary grenade launcher attachment

CROM66A designation “Cleo” When the Mechanist found Cleo she had a female voiced AI. Those who have met the Mechanist , and survived, say the Mechanist is particularly attached to Cleo and it’s sometimes difficult to work out who is master of who. In a fight Cleo has a built in plasma gun to lay down covering fire.

KFZ472LL designation ” Mask” . Mask is a close assault robot armed with a boltgun, power sword and grenades if the mechanist needs a building cleared Mask is his robot of choice.

Unknown designation “Ghost”. The Mechanist found this robot in a crashed space craft and believes it is of alien origin. Ghost is equipped with advanced stealth technology, advanced servos for high speed movement and programmed with highly skilled close combat abilities. All of which makes Ghost the near perfect robot assassin

and a group shot

The Mechanist

I’ve started another small sci-fi warband for 1st edition 40K this time a rogue Adeptus Mechanicus and his scavenged robots.

The rough background I’ve come up with is that Tyr Cruze was a talented but young and overlooked member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. After being seconded to the Bourst Wurst pig factory-farm, as head technician, Tyr was convinced his superiors hated him. In his frustration he choose to flee primus hive into the wastelands. Somehow he survived long enough to stumble across an old research facility with it’s old defunct security robots. Tyr got the robots working again and has since scavenged many more but living in an old facility with nothing but robots for company has unhinged him somewhat he has taken to calling himself the Mechanist and has a plan to save the planet with an army of robot minions.

Here we have the Mechanist a conversion using a GW plastic flagellant and bits from spares box interestingly in the description of the Adeptus Mechanicus in 1st edition 40k they where white robes so that’s what I went for.

Next we DF302-47 designation “Boomer”. This robot was missing an arm when the mechanist scavenged him from the wasteland luckily the mechanist had an old tank gun lying around. Boomer is called upon when the mechanist is expecting heavy opposition.

ZF680-33 designation “Shocker” this Robot has had a power maul with inbuilt neuro disruptor added for when the Mechanist needs a prisoner taken alive.

KK37-37 designation ” Dead eye”. This robot is armed with a long range needle rifle and extensive targeting array to fulfil the role of sniper.

78H1-T35 Designation “Gunslinger”. this robot is armed with two stub guns and a combat shotgun for close quarters firefights.

and finally a group shot I have several more robot models I hope to add to this little warband in the future but that’s it for now.

Some Sci-fi For a Change

I haven’t posted much recently mostly because I caught Covid in early January and have only recently recovered. Thankfully I never end up in hospital but the virus did hit me hard leaving me with no interest (or energy) in doing anything hobby wise. Before I caught Covid I had taken a break from my Darkest Africa project and decided to paint a few Sci-fi miniatures over Christmas (a change being as good as a rest and all that). The last few days I finally finished one group. I have a few small groups of sci-fi miniatures assembled with the idea of using them to fight small games of 1st edition 40K.

1st edition 40k was, in my opinion, always a small skirmish game closer to modern day Necromunda or Kill Team than recent editions of 40K. It was a game that encouraged narrative play rather than line’em up and kill everything games. Inspired by the two page spread of Helsreach in the original rule book. I thought I’d paint up a few small factions for a hive world some where on the eastern frontier of the Imperium of Man. Rather than concentrating on space marines and imperial guard my factions will be traders, settlers, mercenaries and cannibal waste landers.

Speaking of cannibals here is my first group. Hivers have various names for them Cannibal Cutters, Fleshers or Skinners. Legends say their ancestors where folk left behind in the wastelands when most of the planet’s human population retreated to the great hive cities. They are said to worship dark unnatural gods and eat those that fall into their hands. they live in close knit clans and survive in the wastelands as nomadic scavengers and raiders.

Most of the miniatures are Pig Iron Ferals, with some Lead Adventure miniatures and a few Black Cat Bases cultists thrown in. There are a few weapon and head swap conversions among the miniatures as well.