Finished Successor Armies

Ok I know an army is never finished but I did finish off the last eastern pike block for my 20mm Successor armies meaning both armies are complete to the original target I set myself  when I started this project last year. So here they are on full parade

First up The Army of Korragos (Western successor) as detailed here

WP_20180417_20_03_25_Rich (2).jpg

and secondly The Army of Karanos (eastern successor) as detailed here


I will certainly re-visit these armies at some point (though as you might have noticed I’m on a fantasy gaming fix at the moment) I already have some extra units for both armies in the lead pile to increase the pike blocks and add extra light infantry and heavy cavalry.

The Eastern army’s Indian allies could be expanded into an army in their own right (in fact I already have a load of Newline Indians to do just that) or could be morphed into a Seleucid or Pontic army  with a few extra units. The Parthian Division could also be expanded into an army.

The Western army could be morphed into Alexander’s army or a historical early successor army (can I say Pyrrhus ). While the Greek division could be expanded into army for late hoplite warfare.

For now though I’m just going to bask in the glory of actually finishing one of my projects.



Knights of Wolfsburg

The penultimate unit (for now) for my Grand Duchy of the Black Wolf army the knights of Wolfsburg in their natty green and yellow livery. These are a mix of Conquest Games and Fireforge Games plastic knights. I thought I’d play around with photo taking for these guys staging the scene better and tried some filters in my editor.


Freemen of the Ducal Lands

I’ve added another unit to my ever expanding army. This time we have some Freemen who live on the ducal lands  following the old ways practised by their Black Wolf tribe ancestors as hunters, woodsmen and fishermen. When war comes to the Grand Duchy these men will muster and join the army of the Grand Duchy as scouts, skirmishers and raiders.

This unit is mostly made up of Frostgrave soldiers with a few spare Wargames Factory Viking arms and heads, an old GW Mordhiem miniature and a Warlord games Celtic dog handler.


Black Cloaks – Ducal Guard

Another unit finished for the army this is The Ducal Guard. This one hundred strong heavy cavalry force are made up members of the Grand Duke’s extended family, sons of court nobles and second sons of the various country nobles as such they are the premier unit in the whole grand duchy. Every member of the guard receives a black cloak hence their alternative name, among the general populace, of Black Cloaks. Those members of the guard who distinguish themselves in combat are gifted a black wolf pelt to add to their cloak.

These guys are all Fireforge Teutonic Knights with no conversions apart from cutting down the overly long lances to a more manageable size.




Black Wolf Inn

Having decided to go down the route of two winter based armies I realised I don’t really have any winter terrain. I have two dozen winter trees, the sort that go in model Christmas villages, I picked up in the local garden centre in after Christmas sale and a white cloth other than that nothing. So looking around my box of terrain modelling stuff I found this resin building I had bought for a long defunct Mordhiem project. I had already attempted to ruin it for Mordhiem so I decided to paint it up and winterize it for my new project.

Coaching Inns are common on the roads that cross the Grand Duchy but this has sadly been sacked by barbarian raiders working for the Winter Wytch.



The Grand Dukes Foot Guards

Another unit finished this time the Grand Dukes Foot Guards. The Grand Duke maintains a standing force of 500 footmen half of whom are crossbowmen. The foot guards are responsible for guarding the Grand Duke’s palace and his family during peace time and providing the backbone of the Duchy’s infantry in war time.

Joining criteria for the foot guard are strict candidates must be physically fit, disease free, at least 5’10”, no physical defects and have all their own teeth. As a standing force the foot guards drill constantly when not on guard duty and as a result are able to perform more complicated battlefield manoeuvres and formations than most of the duchy’s foot soldiers.

These miniatures are basically a box of Fireforge Teutonic infantry straight out of the box with one or two head swaps from the Fireforge Templar set for variety.


The Winter Wytch

Having written the background for her I couldn’t resist painting up the miniature I had chosen to represent Isolda even though I should be finishing off more infantry for my Grand duchy army.

This is a resin piece from Mierce miniatures who produces lots of nice but pricey miniatures. I have to admit this miniature cost more than I’d normally shell out but it just seemed to fit my vision of Isolda so well I bit the bullet and went for it. when I came to paint here it dawned on my I didn’t have the foggiest how to paint ice…I’m still not sure I do but I think the paint job works.