Fantasy Gaming in Generica

I’ve always been a fantasy gamer. Not long after I discovered wargaming, I discovered D&D, and then I discovered early 80s Citadel Miniatures and I was hooked. I’m probably not alone if  I say my main fantasy influences are JRR Tolkien, early Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. Given that, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, that I like my fantasy pretty main stream, derivative  and dare I say generic. I like my dwarfs to be grumpy and loyal, my Elves haughty and otherworldly and my orcs evil and smelly.

This year I really want to get back into a bit of Fantasy painting, modelling and maybe even some gaming. After some thought I’ve settled on two rule sets both are very sand boxy giving me the core rules with plenty of ways to customise my forces and let my imagination run riot.

First up is Songs of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha games that caters for skirmishes between small warbands and the other is Legions of Battle by Crusader publishing for fighting big battles. The first is a popular ruleset the second most people have probably never heard of.

I decided I needed a fantasy setting to set my gaming in so last Sunday afternoon I sketched out a map of my fantasy setting Generica.


Generica is so named because, well, its a generic fantasy world I doubt there will be anything new or original in Generica but expect plenty of ideas cribbed from Tolkien, D&D, the Warhammer Old World and maybe the odd bit of Conan and Cthulhu Mythos.

Right now Generica is a map and a few ideas floating around in my brain but its a starting place for me to flesh out and build armies to fight across. I already have my first two armies planned out in my head and hopefully I’ll post more on that soon.



My Wargames Room

So it’s been a while since I posted anything on here because I haven’t really had anything to share. After my last post I decided it was time to give my hobby space a face lift and so the only painting I’ve been doing is walls recently. I finally finished my new improved wargames room this weekend.

Despite sounding quite grand my wargames room is actually the garage. My house has an odd double length garage and when we moved in 12 years ago the wife kindly agreed I could keep my “toys” in there on condition I shared with the tumble drier. So 12 years ago I put in a raised floor (due to a flooding issue) boarded out the inside of the garage and put in an unfeasible sized wargames table. It served me well as a man cave/hobby space but like most things 12 years old it was looking a bit tired. Here’s a picture of the original room about 6 years ago

wargamesroom 015

Over the twelve years my hobby has changed I paint and model more and game less so I have a lot of painted figures and scenery that needs storing and less need for a 6×4 table that takes up most of the room. So I now have more storage space a 5x4ft gaming table and a purpose built painting area plus some nice new carpet tiles and paint job.


Now that’s done its time to get back to painting some miniatures.



Eastern Pike

Happy New year everyone I hope you all had a good Christmas. With the festivities all over I finally got around to taking some photos of the first Eastern pike unit. Sadly I missed out on my goal of finishing both armies for this project by the end of 2017 by one solitary pike block (they are primed and ready to receive paint) the Christmas break was just to hectic and coupled with a promise to the wife to spend the second week of my holiday decorating the front room (on a side note am I the only one who can paint eyeballs on a 28mm miniature but can’t cut in on a great big wall without getting paint on the ceiling?) scuppered my plans.

On a positive side decorating the front room meant I was allowed to have the old IKEA cupboard/display cabinets for my wargames room the downside was I had to turn my room upside down to get them in and my wargames room now needs a total re-vamp to return it to normality (I can’t even reach my painting table at the moment)

Still all waffling aside here are eastern pike using Newline’s Seleucid pike in trousers. I’ve tried to paint them colourful with a Persian feel. I like how they have come out.


Greek Heavy Cavalry

The Greek Heavy Cavalry for my Western army are finished. These cavalry are to be grouped together with the Companion cavalry featured in any early post to form the Western heavy cavalry division. As usual these miniatures are  metal from Newline Designs. these are straight out of the box, so to speak, although I did do a head swap on the standard to give him a matching helmet.


Western Light Cavalry “Division”

Just a quick post to show the whole light cavalry “Division” and their commander. I have also finished the last of the Western heavy cavalry pictures to come soon. Which leaves just the two Eastern pike units one of which is currently on the painting table and the other is being cleaned up and glued. Whether I’ll get finished by my end of year target waits to be seen. Of course having said I’ve almost finished this project I took advantage Newlines Christmas sale and bought three more units and extra pike men to buff up my four pike units so maybe not quite finished.



Tarantine Cavalry

Second part of the western light cavalry “Division” this time Tarantine cavalry who have “come up with him from the sea”. Although originally from the Greek Italian city of Tarantum the term increasingly came to mean skirmishing, shielded, light cavalry during the Hellenistic era . These miniatures are Newline Designs Greek light cavalry with added shields and cut down spears to represent Javelins.



The first of my light cavalry for western successor army to combat all those eastern horse archers. These are pretty local hailing from neighbouring Cappadocia. As usual these are Newline 20mm. Cappadocians were basically Persianized by 320s and wore Median costume but with a funky local version of the Persian tiara so that’s how I’ve painted them.