Finished Successor Armies

Ok I know an army is never finished but I did finish off the last eastern pike block for my 20mm Successor armies meaning both armies are complete to the original target I set myself  when I started this project last year. So here they are on full parade

First up The Army of Korragos (Western successor) as detailed here

WP_20180417_20_03_25_Rich (2).jpg

and secondly The Army of Karanos (eastern successor) as detailed here


I will certainly re-visit these armies at some point (though as you might have noticed I’m on a fantasy gaming fix at the moment) I already have some extra units for both armies in the lead pile to increase the pike blocks and add extra light infantry and heavy cavalry.

The Eastern army’s Indian allies could be expanded into an army in their own right (in fact I already have a load of Newline Indians to do just that) or could be morphed into a Seleucid or Pontic army  with a few extra units. The Parthian Division could also be expanded into an army.

The Western army could be morphed into Alexander’s army or a historical early successor army (can I say Pyrrhus ). While the Greek division could be expanded into army for late hoplite warfare.

For now though I’m just going to bask in the glory of actually finishing one of my projects.


Eastern Pike

Happy New year everyone I hope you all had a good Christmas. With the festivities all over I finally got around to taking some photos of the first Eastern pike unit. Sadly I missed out on my goal of finishing both armies for this project by the end of 2017 by one solitary pike block (they are primed and ready to receive paint) the Christmas break was just to hectic and coupled with a promise to the wife to spend the second week of my holiday decorating the front room (on a side note am I the only one who can paint eyeballs on a 28mm miniature but can’t cut in on a great big wall without getting paint on the ceiling?) scuppered my plans.

On a positive side decorating the front room meant I was allowed to have the old IKEA cupboard/display cabinets for my wargames room the downside was I had to turn my room upside down to get them in and my wargames room now needs a total re-vamp to return it to normality (I can’t even reach my painting table at the moment)

Still all waffling aside here are eastern pike using Newline’s Seleucid pike in trousers. I’ve tried to paint them colourful with a Persian feel. I like how they have come out.


Greek Heavy Cavalry

The Greek Heavy Cavalry for my Western army are finished. These cavalry are to be grouped together with the Companion cavalry featured in any early post to form the Western heavy cavalry division. As usual these miniatures are  metal from Newline Designs. these are straight out of the box, so to speak, although I did do a head swap on the standard to give him a matching helmet.


Western Light Cavalry “Division”

Just a quick post to show the whole light cavalry “Division” and their commander. I have also finished the last of the Western heavy cavalry pictures to come soon. Which leaves just the two Eastern pike units one of which is currently on the painting table and the other is being cleaned up and glued. Whether I’ll get finished by my end of year target waits to be seen. Of course having said I’ve almost finished this project I took advantage Newlines Christmas sale and bought three more units and extra pike men to buff up my four pike units so maybe not quite finished.



Tarantine Cavalry

Second part of the western light cavalry “Division” this time Tarantine cavalry who have “come up with him from the sea”. Although originally from the Greek Italian city of Tarantum the term increasingly came to mean skirmishing, shielded, light cavalry during the Hellenistic era . These miniatures are Newline Designs Greek light cavalry with added shields and cut down spears to represent Javelins.



The first of my light cavalry for western successor army to combat all those eastern horse archers. These are pretty local hailing from neighbouring Cappadocia. As usual these are Newline 20mm. Cappadocians were basically Persianized by 320s and wore Median costume but with a funky local version of the Persian tiara so that’s how I’ve painted them.



Eastern Heavy Cavalry Division

Having finished the Eastern companions I was just left with a the general to paint to complete the “Division”. The companions are joined by some low quality Indian cavalry (for now, at least, I took advantage of Newlines Christmas sale to pick up some more local Persian cavalry for this division to paint at some point). So here we have my Eastern successor C-in-C Karanos (the self styled new Alexander) who just like Alexander the Great likes to lead his heavy cavalry from the front and his heavy cavalry


Eastern Companion Cavalry

Here are the Companion cavalry for my eastern successor army. I’m back to the Newline metal for these and they are the Seleucid Companion miniatures. Really for a campaign set so soon after Alexander’s death these guys are all wrong and they should look just  like my other Companion cavalry but they were just to damn cool not to paint. They have the added advantage of being easily recognisable on the table top and will help with my plan to morph a more historically accurate Seleucid army at a latter date.


Persian Levies

These little guys are going to act as skirmishers for my Eastern successor phalanx division armed with bows and slings and raised from the local population. Unlike the  most of my other miniatures these are plastic 1/72 HaT Persian little infantry I picked up cheap on eBay. Not the greatest figures and flash is an absolute pain to clean up on soft plastics like these but they came out ok I think. I tried to give them colourful patterned clothing in the Median style which was not easy at this scale on miniatures with rather soft detail. Anyway pictures