Bavarians first battalion

Having painted a couple of battalions of Austrians I decided to switch it around and paint some Bavarians from the very nice Victrix plastic set my kids brought me for Christmas. If you remember back to my post a couple of weeks back I’m planning to do the 1809 Saxony/Bohemia side show. The Bavarian presence in this theatre was very small basically consisting of a single battalion made up of the depots companies of the 4th and 8th infantry regiments and the 5th light infantry battalion and a small artillery battery of 2 captured Austrian 3pdrs manned by gunners from an artillery depot company from Forcheim all attached to Junot’s French forces.

Now this was a bit of a problem as the Victrix set contained 50 odd miniatures and I’d be using about 16 of them seemed like a waste so I decided to errr… play with history a bit and make the Bavarian battalion into a small Brigade instead turning the depot companies into battalions. So I picked up a few extra Front Rank metals for an artillery battery and some officers. on a side note I like that Front Rank are still available as single miniatures rather than having to by 6-8 metals in a pack which seems the normal now.

Here is the first battalion finished this is the 1st battalion of the 8th infantry regiment I have to say I really struggled to paint these guys the Bavarian uniforms look very cool in my opinion but aren’t very painter friendly (or maybe its just me). In the end I think they came out ok but they certainly aren’t my best work.

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