Bavarian Light Infantry Skirmishing

This weeks offering in my 2023 project is some skirmishing light infantry. In my chosen rule set of Neil Thomas’s One Hour Wargames infantry are split into.. err infantry and skirmishers. The Victrix Bavarian set, like a few of the plastic Napoleonic sets, contains a majority in march attack which I like and wanted to use for all my formed infantry battalions and a small number in more action oriented poses which to me look better as skirmishers. Now I had enough of these miniatures to do two units of eight miniatures as skirmishers the only decision was what type of unit to use as skirmishers.

The Bavarians unlike most other nations didn’t have a light company in their battalions instead each fusilier company had a small number of Schutzen armed with rifles that could be deployed as a skirmish screen they looked much like a fusilier except with the addition of a green plume this would have been a decent option but the Victrix miniatures all have musket and bayonet which wouldn’t be correct for Schutzen. The second option was to use some light infantry these gave me the option to paint some green jackets, instead of blue, and the muskets were correct. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve changed a composite battalion that took place in the 1809 campaign into a small brigade made up of the units that formed the composite battalion in real life in this case there was a company of 5th light infantry battalion so I decided my two skirmisher units would be light infantry.

I decided to put my skirmisher units on round bases as I like the look. Only having to paint eight miniatures made this unit a bit of an easy win and I liked the way they turned out now back to another infantry battalion next week.

2 thoughts on “Bavarian Light Infantry Skirmishing

  1. Your 2023 Napoleonic project is going along at a clip! The three units so far have all been lovely. Bavarian jägers are particularly battalions with their green faced black and red coats and you have painted them a treat.
    Regards, James


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