Something a bit different – Sludge

I recently came across a game called Sludge on the internet. In a nutshell Sludge is a post apocalyptic, black powder fantasy game (that covers a few bases). There is a web page here with a fuller explanation here

The background sounded interesting to me but what really appealed was the kit bashing of historical miniatures to make fantasy post apocalyptic miniatures. It looked like so much fun I thought I’d jump in and have a go. First problem was, despite having an extensive bits box, a lack of suitable base miniatures. I eventually found three Foundry Napoleonic infantry men, that had been sent as freebies with my orders over the years, and set about converting them to look more post apocalyptic. A couple of head swaps latter and with some suitably dirty paint jobs and I had these three guys.

These were a fun little distraction, that scratched an itch, and for now that’s enough. I do think with all the plastic kits out there now you could have some real fun with kit bashing Sludge miniatures. So it’s something that has found its way on to, the rather long, things I’d like to do in the future list.

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