Elephant Grass

Now I’ve got my wargames room back I decided to have a bit of a simple scenery bash, today, and make some new Elephant grass for my African gaming boards. I’ve tried to make Elephant grass before and although I quite liked the results it was a rather involved process which took a long time.

In reality battlefields in Africa, with Elephant grass, are covered in the stuff and you need rather a lot of model grass so I needed to find a simpler way of making elephant grass. As the name suggests Elephant grass is big, growing 12-14 feet high, and battles that took place among such grass saw the protagonists literally fighting blind.

So to represent this giant grass I went for the easy option of gluing, with my hot glue gun, plastic Aquarium grass, supplied by my local pet shop in a a foot square matt for £7.99, to bases and spraying it various shades of green and brown. Then I added some flock to the bases to match my terrain boards and done. You really can’t get a much easier terrain project. I made three decent sized clumps but I think I need to build several more to produce a really big area of grass perfect for ambushes.

6 thoughts on “Elephant Grass

    1. Thanks Pete. Clearly as a free spending south coast boy I thought 8 quid wasn’t to bad 🙂 you get loads of individual plants on each mat and the ones I used here where the last quarter of the mat as I’d already used a lot on other projects. Having said that I got them from a pet shop so paid extra for the convenience of bringing them home straight away. You can buy the same stuff off eBay cheaper. How much cheaper depends on if you are happy ordering direct from China.


    1. Hi mate, I’m not sure a WIP would be overly interesting glue grass plants to base spray green 🙂 I did do a WIP on my first attempt at Elephant grass and you can see the plastic aquarium plants I used in that post . Basically they are a rather nasty shade on bright gloss green which is why I think some green spray paint is vital. Here’s my original elephant grass post

      More Elephant Grass


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