Ngoni Reinforcements

A short and not particularly exciting update today I continue to spend my hobby time between packing up the wargames room and trying to finish up stuff on my painting shelf of shame. These Ngoni were converted up from Warlord Games Zulus to bulk out the units in my Ngoni army so that I could use them with “The Men Who Would be Kings” rules. When I started my Darkest Africa project I was going to use “In the Heart of Africa” rules and made my Ngoni warrior units 12 figures each in TMWWBKs tribal infantry are 16 figures strong so I needed a few extra.

After I converted these miniatures I managed to get the skin blocked in and then never got any further so these took a bit longer than some of my other painting shelf of shame miniatures to finish up. I’ll admit these are not my best work but I’m not sure that will matter to much when they are mixed in with rest of my Ngoni horde.

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