Dungeon Crawl Miniatures

Here are another batch of miniatures from the painting shelf of shame that have now been finished. Fantasy games have always run side by side with historical gaming, for me, not long after I discovered historical wargaming in the early 80s I discovered Dungeons and Dragons and then Warhammer. These miniatures were going to be the start of a solo dungeon crawl project to try recreate a bit of that old D&D feeling. I was planning to utilise the very basic rules of the old fighting fantasy books and card decks. I collected a few miniatures and built a few prototype floor plans from foamcore and then…. got distracted.

Anyway a few of these miniatures where already finished, a number just needed basing and the Gnolls where only half painted. The basing on these miniatures was a bit more involved than my normal basing involving a layer of wood filler, green stuff pavers on top of the filler and then a layer of sand acrylic medium painted grey and then dry brushed with cream.

Anyway here are some pictures. All the miniatures are from Alternative Armies apart from the Hill Giant who is a OOP Wizards of the Coast miniature and the hero Cleric who is an original Ral Partha miniature from 1979 who quite frankly shows just what an amazing sculptor Tom Meier is in my humble opinion.

Group Shot




Evil Knight
Hill Giant


Hero Barbarian
Hero Wizard

Hero Cleric

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