Lockdown Weekend Terrain

So the big UK lockdown continues. I’ve actually been working through the lockdown my employer considered me essential staff so I’ve been carrying on. Even so I’ve had a lot more hobby time than normal as there is very little else to do in the evenings and weekends (especially with no PL football). This Easter weekend though my employer has given staff, that are working, an extra two days leave so with six days off I decided to tackle a couple of terrain projects.

First up is a tembe for my darkest Africa project. I cut at the base board yesterday and measure up where I want walls to go. I have two sheets of A4 foam board to try and construct the shell of the building today.

The second project is a 2×2 foot skirmish board for my Realms of Chaos fantasy project. That project has its own blog here if you’re interested in GW fantasy inspired stuff


the skirmish board is going to be for a Nurgle inspired wetland/bog/fen/marsh. Yesterday day I got a base board cut and mounted various cork, polystyrene and foam board pieces to create levels. I used my new hot wire cutter and quite frankly wonder how I got be without one all these years. after gluing everything down I let it dry and then started adding filler. to day is a drying day (which should be helped by the hot weather) and tomorrow I  can get started on phase two.

Anyway this is what my efforts yesterday created.