Return of the King…

….. No not that woose Aragorn but the most famous Goblin king (and his Guard) the Known world has ever seen Grom! Continuing my quest to build an Orc and Goblin army for WFB 2nd edition I’ve painted up these original 1984 solid base version of Grom’s Goblin Guard which you can find out more about here

According to the the original Regiment of Renown description there is no uniformity among the regiment so I’ve tried to paint them that way with a mix of skin tones and shield designs. I still need to source the units musician hopefully one will turn up on eBay at some point.

Finally I have to give out a shout to the regimental standard bearer for the most ludicrous (see picture 6) standard design ever….

Geriatric Orcs Get a New Lease of Life

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing which probably explains why I’ve recently ended up buying several batches of 1980s lead on eBay. In this particular case is was some citadel C series/Fantasy Tribes Orcs circa 1983-1986 see the links below from stuff of legends.

armoured orcs

Slotta base orcs

I had several of these miniatures the first time around (when they cost a massive 50p each) but back then I couldn’t paint for toffee. These days, while I’m no pro painter, I can at least get the paint in the right place so I was keen to slap some paint on these old minis in a way my 10 year old self couldn’t manage. When you first view these old minis in the flesh you could be forgiven for thinking they aren’t up to much. Once you get some paint on them you release that despite their age they are really nice sculpts which shouldn’t be a surprise when you release these are early Perry brothers work. Anyway here are my painting attempts.