British Central African Protectorate Forces 1889-1901 Part 2

Here is the second part of look at the British Central Africa Protectorate having given you the background history in Part one here is a Field force list for using them in games of TMWWBKs plus some pictures of my freshly painted Central African Rifles. these miniatures are perfect for 1894/5 onwards if I need African soldiers for the earlier period the irregulars from my African Lakes Company army will fill in very nicely.

British Central African Field Force 1891-1901

Sikh soldiers.  The Sikh soldiers were the mainstay of the early British forces and continued to play an important part right until the end of the era.

 Regulars upgraded to elite 7pts per unit

African Askari.  It took some time for the local raised Africans to gain the training and experience to become good soldiers but the end of the era they were good enough to be sent to fight in Britain’s wars elsewhere in the world.

From 1891 irregular infantry, poor shots 3pts per unit

Upgrade any unit to well-armed +1pt

From 1895 Regulars 6pts per unit

0-1 Artillery. The British had a distinct advantage in artillery over their native opponents and few expeditions weren’t accompanied by a 7pdr mountain gun or two. Towards the end of the era maxim guns were also becoming common. There were no dedicated artillerymen African and Sikh riflemen were used to crew the weapons instead. Occasionally royal navy sailors were brought on land to crew artillery.

From 1891 poorly drilled field gun 4pts

From 1895 regular drilled field gun 6pts or poorly drilled machinegun (Nordenfelt) 4pts

From 1898 drilled machinegun (maxim gun) 6pts

Allies occasionally the British had local allies to assist them.

1892 Maseko Ngoni. Rather unreliable allies trust them at your own risk

Upto half your field force points on tribal infantry downgraded to Unenthusiastic 2pts per unit

1893-4 Jumbe. A local Arab potentate who could field several hundred-armed men.

Upto half your field force points on irregular infantry, poor shots, antiquated muskets 2pts per unit

1895 Nkonde warriors. After years of abuse at the hands of Mlozi and his slavers the Nkonde joined the British in attacking Mlozi’s stockade where they fought very well.

Upto a third of your field force points on Tribal infantry upgraded to fierce 4pts per unit

1899 Portuguese. I would suggest the joint operation by the British and Portuguese is best handled by having two separate field forces on the table in a multiplayer game rather than one combined field force.

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