Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys

My third (but not my last) Regiment of Renown for my 2nd edition WFB Orc and Goblin army. I love the old Regiments of Renown and luckily for me there were several goblinoid one. For anyone who doesn’t know who Harboth and his boys were or thought Harboth’s boys were Archers this is the original 1984 solid based regiment. Harboths Orc Archers were the second incarnation of the unit that came later in 1987. Here is the stuff of Legends entry for the original Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys


There are 25 orcs including the original command. Sadly I haven’t been able to source Yaskin Forit the champion. This because Citadel only added champions to the early solid based Regiments of Renown years later. Creating several champion miniatures, for various regiments, that weirdly by this time were on slotta bases. These champions were pretty limited in number and when they do pop up on the second hand markets tend to get pricey.

Painting wise i struggled a bit with this unit. The miniatures are cool, nicely sculpted and don’t have to many details making them easy to paint but painting 22 identical miniatures can become a bit of a chore so my enthusiasm waned a bit towards the end with a consequent drop in the quality of the paint job. I batch painted the miniatures in fives and gave each five different skin tones to match the rest of my orc army. I also gave every unit member a unique shield pattern to fit the description in the regiments background

Shield – Assorted emblems prevail – often of an offensive or insulting nature. Harboth and his troops prefer to individualise their shields by scrawling offensive pictures or slogans on them

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