Another Batch of Orcs

Here is another small batch of 1980s orcs. I’ve pretty much painted up enough miniatures for two twenty orc units one with hand weapons and shields and one with Double handed weapons. I’ve sourced the last five orcs I needed to complete those two units on eBay in the last few days so once they get here they’ll jump straight to the front of the painting queue.

All these miniatures are pre-slotta three are old Fantasy tribes orcs two from the armoured range and one from the unarmoured. The big guy with the axe on his hip clearly used the same base miniature as Harboth from the Black Mountain Boys and has the description “Chieftain” under him in the Citadel Journal 2. He will be the leader/champion of one of my orc regiments. You can see all three of these minis in their original catalogue entries here

The other three are all from the Harboth’s black Mountain boys Regiment of Renown. I was lucky enough to score two great deals on two different batches of these miniatures on eBay that gave me the whole regiment with the original command but these three boys were surplus to requirements rather than waste them I painted them up and they are going to fill out the ranks of my other orc units.

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