King Fyar Lives! An Orc on a Wyvern

Finally got my hands on a 1984 TA3 Orc War Wyvern, at a reasonable price, to add to my growing Oldhammer Orc army. Sculpted by Tony Acklund (now if I could just find his orc war machine in good condition for a decent price) this was one of those models I always wanted as a kid but never managed to get. Odd, as it sounds now, but back in the early 80s £6.95 was a lot of money for 10 year old me and my 50p a week pocket money. Below is the Stuff of Legends entry for the miniature.

This model is probably most famous as being, the miniature, used to represent the, dastardly codpiece poisoner, King Fyar in the classic 2nd edition Blood Bath at Orc’s Drift campaign box.

The last two pictures below show what the model looked like when it arrived in the post. It wasn’t horribly painted but it was bit to brown for me. So I stripped it, fitted the wings better with some strategic metal shaving, filled the gaps with green stuff and added a new base. I even had a go at using my new airbrush on the wyvern but I think I need more practice on that front. I’m pretty happy with how he has turned out and he makes a nice centre piece for my Orc army.

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