Notlob’s Orcish Bolt Throwing Engines

Carrying on with my efforts to build some Green skins to use with 2nd (or 3rd) edition WFB I give you Notlob and his bolt throwers. You can read all about about Notlob here

I have read, though I don’t know how true it is, that GW staff named Notlob from Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch. and lets face Bolton is quite an apt name for an Orcish engineer who likes bolt throwers.

My unit actually has two more crew than the original regiment and uses the later C22/27 bolt thrower models the early version of the bolt throwers being far simpler models. The story with Notlob’s and the latter C22 orc bolt throwers, as far a I can work out, is that the Perry twins sculpted the original regiments miniatures in 1985. Later in 1986 Kev Adams was given the job of updating the miniatures using the Perry’s original models as a base at this point the bolt thrower models were also updated and the bolt throwers and crews were then sold as C22/27 Orc Bolt Thrower

Interestingly, something of a rarity for a Regiments of Renown, Notlob actually had some special rules, in 2nd edition WFB, which make him and his unit rather decent.

“Notlob himself is an Orc Major Hero. He is also an extraordinary engineer, and counts as a full crew of 3 when firing a war-engine. In addition, any other engine in his unit can +1 to their normal ‘to hit’ score with war engines.”

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