New Gaming Board – Part 2

I’m soldiering on with more tiles, roads tiles mainly, for my new gaming board. As some one asked if I could do a “how to” post on the tiles, I’m taking photos, and trying to catalogue my processes as I’m going along and hopefully soon I’ll having something to post. In the mean time I wanted to experiment with 2 part epoxy resin to form water features. I have a number of river tiles to complete but before tackling those I wanted to practice so I made an African watering hole tile for my board as a place to practise using the resin.

It didn’t quite come out as I’d hoped I ended up using a lot more resin, than I’d planned, as the first couple of layers I poured I struggled with air bubbles. I tried tinting the resin, with ink, which I overdid so that my carefully modelled mud, at the bottom of the hole, that was supposed to be visible through the resin didn’t really show up. Lastly I used to much resin on the mud edges to the watering hole so instead of puddles in the mud I ended up covering most of the mud up. In the end I’m not to upset this was always meant to be a learning project, and I up gaining some useful experience of working with resin, and while it didn’t turn out as I’d hoped its a serviceable enough piece of scenery. Any way here are a few pictures.

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