Inquisitor Thrax

Another small group for my 1st edition 40K side project Inquisitor Thrax and his retinue. The bulk of these miniatures comes from the Wargames Foundry unreleased 40K miniatures pack while the praying  Adeptus Terra miniatures are old grenadier sculpts.

Inquisitor Thrax travels the diablo sector rooting out corruption and heresy accompanied by his two (very large)  Adeptus Arbites bodyguards and well as several lesser members of the various branches of the  Adeptus Terra as advisors and dogsbodies.

Inquisitor Thrax scourge of the Diablo sector (and one day in the future warp entity host)

Adeptus Arbite Bodyguards Kane and Able for when inquisitor Thrax needs a limb of two broken, to get a confession, or an example made, of a heretic, with a bolter shell to the noggin.

Notary Cleve. Thrax’s main advisor and records keeper (and clearly a fan of the gym, just look at those arms, not bad for a pen pusher)

The faceless mass of the Adeptus Terra there to give advice, fetch Thrax’s slippers and intercept incoming bullets.

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