More Robots

Another bunch of rusty junkbots painted for the Mechanist to use against his enemies.

ADDD302 and ADDD303 designation “Deathbots”. These two old service droids have had new skull heads added, by the mechanist, and are equipped with melta-guns. The combination of the terrifying visage and the ability to melt foes into gloop is used by the mechanist when he wants to terrify his opponents.

ADDD304 designation “Firebug”. Sometimes you just need to burn something down when those times come the mechanist deploys the Firebug

ARCH888 designation “Spyder”. Spyder has an in built jump pack between his legs that allows him to be very mobile with his autogun with auxiliary grenade launcher attachment

CROM66A designation “Cleo” When the Mechanist found Cleo she had a female voiced AI. Those who have met the Mechanist , and survived, say the Mechanist is particularly attached to Cleo and it’s sometimes difficult to work out who is master of who. In a fight Cleo has a built in plasma gun to lay down covering fire.

KFZ472LL designation ” Mask” . Mask is a close assault robot armed with a boltgun, power sword and grenades if the mechanist needs a building cleared Mask is his robot of choice.

Unknown designation “Ghost”. The Mechanist found this robot in a crashed space craft and believes it is of alien origin. Ghost is equipped with advanced stealth technology, advanced servos for high speed movement and programmed with highly skilled close combat abilities. All of which makes Ghost the near perfect robot assassin

and a group shot

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