The Mechanist

I’ve started another small sci-fi warband for 1st edition 40K this time a rogue Adeptus Mechanicus and his scavenged robots.

The rough background I’ve come up with is that Tyr Cruze was a talented but young and overlooked member of the Adeptus Mechanicus. After being seconded to the Bourst Wurst pig factory-farm, as head technician, Tyr was convinced his superiors hated him. In his frustration he choose to flee primus hive into the wastelands. Somehow he survived long enough to stumble across an old research facility with it’s old defunct security robots. Tyr got the robots working again and has since scavenged many more but living in an old facility with nothing but robots for company has unhinged him somewhat he has taken to calling himself the Mechanist and has a plan to save the planet with an army of robot minions.

Here we have the Mechanist a conversion using a GW plastic flagellant and bits from spares box interestingly in the description of the Adeptus Mechanicus in 1st edition 40k they where white robes so that’s what I went for.

Next we DF302-47 designation “Boomer”. This robot was missing an arm when the mechanist scavenged him from the wasteland luckily the mechanist had an old tank gun lying around. Boomer is called upon when the mechanist is expecting heavy opposition.

ZF680-33 designation “Shocker” this Robot has had a power maul with inbuilt neuro disruptor added for when the Mechanist needs a prisoner taken alive.

KK37-37 designation ” Dead eye”. This robot is armed with a long range needle rifle and extensive targeting array to fulfil the role of sniper.

78H1-T35 Designation “Gunslinger”. this robot is armed with two stub guns and a combat shotgun for close quarters firefights.

and finally a group shot I have several more robot models I hope to add to this little warband in the future but that’s it for now.

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