Some Sci-fi For a Change

I haven’t posted much recently mostly because I caught Covid in early January and have only recently recovered. Thankfully I never end up in hospital but the virus did hit me hard leaving me with no interest (or energy) in doing anything hobby wise. Before I caught Covid I had taken a break from my Darkest Africa project and decided to paint a few Sci-fi miniatures over Christmas (a change being as good as a rest and all that). The last few days I finally finished one group. I have a few small groups of sci-fi miniatures assembled with the idea of using them to fight small games of 1st edition 40K.

1st edition 40k was, in my opinion, always a small skirmish game closer to modern day Necromunda or Kill Team than recent editions of 40K. It was a game that encouraged narrative play rather than line’em up and kill everything games. Inspired by the two page spread of Helsreach in the original rule book. I thought I’d paint up a few small factions for a hive world some where on the eastern frontier of the Imperium of Man. Rather than concentrating on space marines and imperial guard my factions will be traders, settlers, mercenaries and cannibal waste landers.

Speaking of cannibals here is my first group. Hivers have various names for them Cannibal Cutters, Fleshers or Skinners. Legends say their ancestors where folk left behind in the wastelands when most of the planet’s human population retreated to the great hive cities. They are said to worship dark unnatural gods and eat those that fall into their hands. they live in close knit clans and survive in the wastelands as nomadic scavengers and raiders.

Most of the miniatures are Pig Iron Ferals, with some Lead Adventure miniatures and a few Black Cat Bases cultists thrown in. There are a few weapon and head swap conversions among the miniatures as well.


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