Finished Successor Armies

Ok I know an army is never finished but I did finish off the last eastern pike block for my 20mm Successor armies meaning both armies are complete to the original target I set myself  when I started this project last year. So here they are on full parade

First up The Army of Korragos (Western successor) as detailed here

WP_20180417_20_03_25_Rich (2).jpg

and secondly The Army of Karanos (eastern successor) as detailed here


I will certainly re-visit these armies at some point (though as you might have noticed I’m on a fantasy gaming fix at the moment) I already have some extra units for both armies in the lead pile to increase the pike blocks and add extra light infantry and heavy cavalry.

The Eastern army’s Indian allies could be expanded into an army in their own right (in fact I already have a load of Newline Indians to do just that) or could be morphed into a Seleucid or Pontic army  with a few extra units. The Parthian Division could also be expanded into an army.

The Western army could be morphed into Alexander’s army or a historical early successor army (can I say Pyrrhus ). While the Greek division could be expanded into army for late hoplite warfare.

For now though I’m just going to bask in the glory of actually finishing one of my projects.


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