Nordburg Knights

Next unit up for the army of the grand duchy are the Nordburg heavy cavalry. Made up of Noble knights with feudal obligations and men-at-arms who are non noble paid soldiers. The heavy cavalry are the grand duchy’s elite soldiers and the battle winners. Like the militia the heavy cavalry provide their own equipment so can vary in appearance they also tend to create their own livery using the colours of their barony.

These guys are a mixture of Fireforge and Conquest games knights which I think fit pretty well together. The parts from both sets are pretty interchangeable even the heads use the same fixing method which gives more options for modelling.


One final picture of the whole Nordburg contingent under their baron. next up is painting up the Grand Duke’s guards both foot and mounted.





4 thoughts on “Nordburg Knights

    1. Thanks Tone. To be honest it only looks a lot because I have posted it all up in a short space of time I’ve been chipping away at the painting over a few weeks but only took the photos of everything recently. I’ve caught up with myself on the painting table so the posts will tail off a bit now.


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