My Wargames Room

So it’s been a while since I posted anything on here because I haven’t really had anything to share. After my last post I decided it was time to give my hobby space a face lift and so the only painting I’ve been doing is walls recently. I finally finished my new improved wargames room this weekend.

Despite sounding quite grand my wargames room is actually the garage. My house has an odd double length garage and when we moved in 12 years ago the wife kindly agreed I could keep my “toys” in there on condition I shared with the tumble drier. So 12 years ago I put in a raised floor (due to a flooding issue) boarded out the inside of the garage and put in an unfeasible sized wargames table. It served me well as a man cave/hobby space but like most things 12 years old it was looking a bit tired. Here’s a picture of the original room about 6 years ago

wargamesroom 015

Over the twelve years my hobby has changed I paint and model more and game less so I have a lot of painted figures and scenery that needs storing and less need for a 6×4 table that takes up most of the room. So I now have more storage space a 5x4ft gaming table and a purpose built painting area plus some nice new carpet tiles and paint job.


Now that’s done its time to get back to painting some miniatures.



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