Eastern Pike

Happy New year everyone I hope you all had a good Christmas. With the festivities all over I finally got around to taking some photos of the first Eastern pike unit. Sadly I missed out on my goal of finishing both armies for this project by the end of 2017 by one solitary pike block (they are primed and ready to receive paint) the Christmas break was just to hectic and coupled with a promise to the wife to spend the second week of my holiday decorating the front room (on a side note am I the only one who can paint eyeballs on a 28mm miniature but can’t cut in on a great big wall without getting paint on the ceiling?) scuppered my plans.

On a positive side decorating the front room meant I was allowed to have the old IKEA cupboard/display cabinets for my wargames room the downside was I had to turn my room upside down to get them in and my wargames room now needs a total re-vamp to return it to normality (I can’t even reach my painting table at the moment)

Still all waffling aside here are eastern pike using Newline’s Seleucid pike in trousers. I’ve tried to paint them colourful with a Persian feel. I like how they have come out.


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