Eastern Companion Cavalry

Here are the Companion cavalry for my eastern successor army. I’m back to the Newline metal for these and they are the Seleucid Companion miniatures. Really for a campaign set so soon after Alexander’s death these guys are all wrong and they should look just  like my other Companion cavalry but they were just to damn cool not to paint. They have the added advantage of being easily recognisable on the table top and will help with my plan to morph a more historically accurate Seleucid army at a latter date.


5 thoughts on “Eastern Companion Cavalry

  1. Thanks Tone.
    I’ve set myself a target of the end of the year to get the original project done. 3 units of cavalry, 2 generals and a 2 pike units left. I know the pike units will slow me down the last two units seemed to take an age to get through….and Newline have a sale on to.


    1. Yes those newline sales are always tempting me… My funds are a bit low at present and i am saving for some of their future lines and maybe some stuff from baccus. Also hat look like they are about to get up and running again! Of course i need more miniatures like a hole in the head.


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